We hope that with the products we show here, all being handmade by the best Bulgarian craftsmen, we help the visitors of this webpage to get familiar with the  uniqueness of the Bulgarian craftsmanship and with the rich Bulgarian culture. We value your help to preserve the Bulgarian crafts and historical heritage! Your purchase will be used for the support of the Bulgarian craftsmen, the true keepers of the traditional Bulgarian crafts. Thank you!


We promote and offer unique handmade craftworks of the best Bulgarian craftsmen! We offer our clients and partners touch of the authentic Bulgarian culture and traditions! Our exquisite products are recognized for their high quality, extremely fine detailing and precise work.

We know what it takes to create and deliver exquisite and meticulously handcrafted products, with high quality and uniqueness. We combine the amazing skills of over 5000 Bulgarian craftsmen, all licensed masters in their specific field of crafts!

Our products are suitable for representative purposes for businesses, official protocol gifts, for all types of events and special occasions, for personal or official gifts, or for special collections. We also offer custom-made products with special requests.
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