THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS FOUNDATION was involved in numerous TV productions, helping with the organization of educational TV programs, aiming to popularize the Bulgarian culture, traditions, and crafts! We strongly believe that through education and examples of good practices, exposing to the public the richness of the Bulgarian traditions and cultural values, would pave the path for the upcoming generations, for them to achieve strong education, to gain knowledge, and be able to generate visions and ideas for sustanable future of Bulgaria.

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Mr. Peter Kopralev (Founder of Thracian Lands Crafts Foundation) and “Before Lunch” – the most popular an everyday TV talk- show on bTV in Bulgaria, have created and broadcasted a new project on BTV to promote the Bulgarian crafts and traditions. The project was called “The Apprentice” (“Чиракът”).

“The Apprentice” turned to be one of the most successful projects about the Bulgarian culture and traditional crafts. With total of 35 episodes, issued between September 2015 and March 2016, “The Apprentice” introduced one of the best Bulgarian traditional craftsmen, sharing with the TV audience the unique masters’ craftworks and their know-how, revealing step-by-step how to create various traditional craftworks – all being entirely handmade! The main goals of this TV project were – first to show that people with no knowledge in the crafts can learn and create something beautiful by themselves, following master’s instructions and guidance; second – to shed a light on the unique craftsmen skills, thus promoting the Bulgarian traditional crafts; and third – to attract younger generations to value the traditional Bulgarian crafts and culture.

Below is a link to all episodes of “The Apprentice” broadcasted on bTV.чиракът

We also worked with national TV channels such as BNT1, Bulgaria On Air, TV Evropa,  TV+ and Destination Bulgaria, BIT Sofia-Chicago, BG Voice USA, Eurocom TV, and others.








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