“BULGARIA – CRADLE OF THE EUROPEAN CIVILIZATION” – Jan van Eijckstraat 47, 1077LH, AMSTERDAM | 26-27 MAY, 2018

Thracian Lands Crafts Foundation was invited to the Bulgarian festival “Bulgaria – cradle of the European civilization”, organized by the First Bulgarian School “ABC” (Elitsa Yordanova, Founderin Amsterdam (Netherlands) to celebrate few special occasions:

  • 24 May – The Day of the Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture, and Slavonic Alphabet
  • The 5-th anniversary of the First Bulgarian School “ABC” in Amsterdam
  • The Presidency of Bulgaria of the Council of the European Union

The festival program included the following activities:

  • Exhibition of replicas of the most famous Thracian treasures, including unique Bulgarian handmade craft products, from the special collection of Thracian Lands Crafts Foundation, presented by its founder Peter Kopralev
  • Concert of “Chubritsa” Ensemble, with conductor – Renske Velthuis
  • Concert of “Bulgarche” Children’s Ensemble from The Hague, led by Julia Baramova
  •  Exhibition of Bulgarian traditional costumes and demonstration of Bulgarian traditional embroidery by Gloria Angelova
  • Zhivko Vassilev – one of the most unique Bulgarian kaval musicians and his band “Authentic” with Rayna Vasileva – singer.
  • Concert of “Zagorche” children ensemble, led by Venelin Krastev.
  • Exhibition of selecteed bulgarian wine’s, present by Toni Dimitrov from “Bulwijn”.
  • Presentation of the “Club for Bulgarian Folk Dances” from Hague, led by Claudia Genova.
  • Presentation of the club for Bulgarian folk dances “Zora“, from Hague, led by Nikol Petkova and Yavor Gospodinov.
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