Thracian Lands Crafts is collaborating with Cultural center at the Embassy of Japan in Sofia, Bulgaria (

Mr. Peter Kopralev, founder of Thracian Lands Crafts and Vice President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce meeting with Mr. Takashi Koizumi – the Ambassador of Japan in Bulgaria, introducing the project “Thracian Lands Crafts” and the national cause for popularizing and promoting the Bulgarian traditions and crafts abroad.

Some of the official guests were Mr. Borislav Kostov, Director General of Bilateral Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, Mrs. Vera Stefanova, Minister Plenipotentiary for South and Southeast Asia Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, Mr. Konstantin Glavanakov, Chairman of Nihon Tomono Kai (club “Friends of the Japanese culture” in Bulgaria) and former Bulgarian Ambassador in Japan (1991-1995), Academician Blagovest Sendov, former Bulgarian Ambassador in Japan (2004-2009), and many others friends of Japan.



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