An international conference under the motto: “Craftsmanship in South East Europe after 20 years of Koblenz Chamber of Crafts project activity in the Balkan region; the challenges before the craft, small and medium-sized enterprises” took place in Hotel Hilton, Sofia on 20 March 2017. It was the concluding event of the second phase of the West Balkans project that aimed to strengthen the craft and SMEs organizations in the Region and to ensure their providing relevant services to their member enterprises, The conference gave the BSBA’s members and partners to take a look back at what has passed throughout the many years of cooperation with Koblenz Chamber of Crafts, what the members have succeeded to achieve together and what potential for further cooperation and activities exist between the members. Formal guests of the event were political representatives from Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania who were involved in round discussions for the legislative framework in their countries and for the political efforts for ensuring a competitive and innovative economic sector. The member organizations were also involved in a podium discussion for the current state of the craft and SMEs in their countries and for the services they offer in order to support them.
In expression of its gratitude to the long-lasting cooperation, the Balkan Small Business Association along with Koblenz Chamber of Crafts awarded their most active and devoted partners throughout the years.
All members shared the conviction the Balkan Small Business Association, being a unique of its type network of associations from almost all Balkan countries and promoting the German experience in craftsmanship and vocational training for so many years now, is an asset that all Balkan counties can benefit from.
Along with the conference there was an exhibition of THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS Foundation, displaying some of the most prominent treasures discovered in the lands of Bulgaria and many other unique pieces of art and crafts. The exhibition was realized in cooperation with Mr, Peter Kopralev, Founder of THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS Foundation.

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