If you believe in our cause for preserving and popularizing the Bulgarian culture and traditions, and would like to help by purchasing some of the unique handmade products created by the best Bulgarian craftmasters, please check our products, view our PRICE LIST, or Contact us if you would like to make a donation!

We invest the accumulated income back to the public by presenting the Bulgarian culture on various interntional events and exhibitions, promoting the Bulgarian traditions and historical heritage, thus supporting the Bulgarian crafts and culture. Therefore, your help by purchasing craft works  from the best Bulgarian craft masters is very important!

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How to ORDER?

& Why Don’t We Show the Price on some items?

Each product’s price is based on various key elements such as: type of product material, size of desired items, recipient country, transportation fees (if applicable), insurance (if applicable), customs duties (if applicable, depends on the recipient country), certificates for export (if applicable), special custom requests like signature/name engraved on products, etc.


To better serve our clients, we have set up several simple steps to facilitate their purchase order:

1) If price is not available, please send your request for quotation to [email protected], or to your Regional Representative.

2) Please specify the following information in your inquiry:

  • catalog number assigned to products you have chosen from our web site or catalog
  • if you wish a custom design or signature (for special occasion, event, etc.)
  • how many items you wish to order
  • what is the recipient country, city

3) Upon receipt of your request, you will receive our quote (offer) with final price and delivery time.

4) Upon your approval of our final price quote, we’ll be sending you an invoice for payment. A full payment must be made prior we move forward with your order.


We provide our products with certificates of description, luxury boxes and if desired, your personal message. We are meticulous and precise in every detail; we deliver to any point worldwide. Our products come with a certificate of authenticity, and full, historic documentation.


For Return Policy refer to our Terms and Conditions.


Our products are certified by the respective governmental institutions. All our products are handmade (no machine work) by the best craftsmen of Bulgaria.


Our client’s satisfaction is our first priority!



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