THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS Foundation (Фондация “Занаяти от тракийските земи“) is focused on preservation of the Bulgarian traditions, culture and traditional crafts, and promotion of Bulgaria as attractive destination for culture, historical exploration, travel and tourism, business and investment opportunities.

The Foundation is organizing the entire process from production and creation of unique craft-works, to marketing and creating an effective strategy for adequate presentation of the Bulgarian culture and traditions, which includes live demonstrations of crafts, craft exhibitions, craft fairs, lectures introducing the uniqueness of the Bulgarian crafts, traditions and customs.

THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS Foundation was conceived first as a national project (2015) for the revival of the Bulgarian crafts, and popularization of the Bulgarian culture (locally and abroad). Later this project became a foundation.

Mr. Peter Kopralev is founder of THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS Foundation. The organization is focused on high level presentation of Bulgaria, including cultural exchange, tourism, investments and business opportunities.

We promote the richness of the Bulgarian culture and historical heritage, thus helping for the preservation  of the authentic Bulgarian traditional crafts and traditions.

THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS Foundation is working with private sectors, promoting Bulgarian manufacturers (crafts, wine, food) and family producers, as well as craft-masters of unique handmade craft-works and collectibles.

THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS Foundation is also  collaborating and supporting the Bulgarian government institutions on important international events and meetings.

THRACIAN LANDS CRAFTS Foundation is working with government and public organizations / agencies from various fields such as: culture, traditions, education, archeology, tourism, economy, investments, and others.
Тo successfully implement all ideas of the foundation, it required many miles of traveling across the country (Bulgaria), meeting with regional chambers of crafts, visiting numerous archaeological and historical museums in Bulgaria, visiting cultural/ethnographic centers, discovering the best Bulgarian local craftsmen (masters of diverse authentic Bulgarian crafts).
As professionals we are dedicated to this national cause, and here are some of the results and achievements:

  • Organized international exhibitions and presentation of the rich Bulgarian culture and traditions for members of the European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium), the President of Bulgaria (2017), Ministry of Economy (Bulgaria)the Ministry of Tourism (Bulgaria), EU-China 2018 Tourism ForumUN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (Bulgaria), Ministry of Culture (Bulgaria), and other.
  • Started new TV show – “The Apprentice” on bTV (jointly work with the most popular daily TV show in Bulgaria – “Before lunch”), 35 episodes since September 1st, 2015. Presenting the unique Bulgarian traditional craftsmenship.
  • Resumed in 2015 the Traditional Crafts Fairs in Sofia. This has been a well known tradition in Sofia, which we revived after a 10-year interruption.
  • Started live demonstrations of traditional Bulgarian crafts and ethnographic lectures in foreign embassies, special events, luxury hotels and spa-resorts, business centers in front of foreign delegates and official guests, business partners and government institutions.
  • Created a large collection of unique handmade craft-works, and replicas of the most famous Thracian treasures, 100% owned by the Thracian Lands Crafts Foundation.

We have collaborated with:

  • The European Parliament, Bulgarian members of the EU parliament
  • Bulgarian Presidency
  • The Ministry of Culture
  • The Ministry of Economy
  • The Ministry of Tourism
  • The Bulgarian Embassy and Consulates in USA and China
  • The National Historical Museum of Bulgaria
  • The National Crafts Chamber of Bulgaria
  • Regional Crafts Chambers, in almost all municipalities in Bulgaria
  • The Museum of History of Sofia
  • The Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
  • The National Palace of Culture (NDK, Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The National Art Gallery in Sofia – Ethnographic Museum
  • The State Agency for the Bulgarians Abroad
  • Bulgarian Investment Agency
  • Sofia Investment Agency
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cultural Institute
  • Platinum Business Center
  • Business Center Capital Fort
  • Sofia Municipality 

and others.

We’re also partnering with foreign embassies and consulates in Bulgaria, Bulgarian embassies and general consulates abroad, international organizations and private companies, foreign Chambers of Commerce operating in Bulgaria.


We organize unique crafts fairs and outstanding exhibitions for special international events and business forums, offering attractions, promoting and introducing the beauty and the richness of the Bulgarian culture, through live demonstrations of the Bulgarian traditional crafts and Bulgarian folklore. See more of our activities under “What we Do” in the top menu.

























In a short term, Thracian Lands Crafts Foundation aims to reach out as many potential partners as possible, including sponsors, supporters, future customers and associates in order to grow economically, thus to be able to help financially for the preservation and development of the Bulgarian crafts and traditions. Subsequently, in a long term, our strategy is focused on development of schools for traditional crafts, creating new and development of the current ethnographic and cultural centers, helping with the development of the  cultural tourism in the country – introducing the unique and rich Bulgarian culture and traditions.





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